Indian giant L&T is preparing for the disruptive future

by | Apr 1, 2019 | IoT Companies

Larsen & Toubro also known as L&T is the engineering and construction giant in India. L&T has come up with an all-new initiative. According to the sources, L&T is going to adopt groundbreaking technology such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things as well as augmented reality.

The construction giant said that “L&T-Nxt” is currently opting for a particular initiative. And this initiative is a strategic plan which is going to evolve for half a decade. By the looks of it, L&T has reportedly reached a crucial moment in its cycle of development. Moreover, the company is trying to train its sights and accelerate the growth in both top-line products as well as in the bottom-line.

The scheme is going to put the focus on the new-age industries such as the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, augmented as well as virtual reality. On the other hand, L&T is also going to focus on cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions along with the solutions which are based on geospatial. According to the recent revelation, L&T said that it is going to leverage every single experience which the company has gathered for decades now. The company will solely focus on transcending itself toward a future in tech.

The chief executive officer of L&T S N Subrahmanyan, who also serves as the MD of the company said that “Disruption has become the brand new order around the world and it is time that they should step into a new frontier in technologies.” The company wants to get into new waters where it will be benefited by analytics and digitalization.

By the looks of it, L&T has made the massive deployment when it comes it Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things analytics in the industrial sector. L&T is looking forward to turning itself into the first of Industry 4.0 in the Asian country.

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