Arm is collaborating with the leader of the secured test labs for providing an independent evaluation based on Platform Security Architecture implementations in the Internet of Things devices. Arms, CAICT, Brightsight, Riscure, Prove&Run and last but not the least UL are currently establishing PSA certification for building trust in the field of connected devices for building trust in the devices which are connected with one another. The ultimate goal is to deploy Internet of Things seamlessly.

For supporting the widespread deployment safe and sound Internet of Things solutions on the PSA (Platform Security Architecture) framework, Arm along with the test lab partners have come forward with an announcement regarding PSA Certification. PSA Certified with the help of independent security testing will empower the developers of the IoT solution as well as the device makers in establishing authenticity and security of data gathered from a diversified universe of the Internet of Things devices.

The general manager and vice president of the Emerging Businesses Group of Arm Paul Williamson said that PSA is aimed at proving the industry with a cutting-edge framework which will standardize the model of the secure Internet of Things devices. It will bring together a leader in independent security all over the world which is going to test the labs for evaluating and implementing the principles.

Platform Security Architecture will provide a sophisticated and straightforward approach to testing security. PSA is based on two fundamental elements. The first element is a multi-level security scheme of robustness as well as an API suite brought to life by the developer. And second is the Root of Trust of PSA which is a source of confidentiality as well as integrity, and it is also a Real-Time OS. PSA Certified devices are comprised of electronic report cards for determining the level of security which the company wants to achieve.

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