In a decade, AI & IoT would create 2.8 million jobs in India

by | Jul 5, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

The applications based on the Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things would create more than 28 lakh jobs across the rural region of the country. And this would come to fruition in eight to ten years. Moreover, the estimation also suggests that the valuation of the job would be around 60,000 crores. By the looks of it, a recent study was conducted by Broadband India Forum.

The statistics also suggest that from 28 lakh jobs, around 21 lakh jobs will come into being for the agriculture sector. The remaining seven lakh jobs will be provided to the rural healthcare sector. Broadband India Forum was into an active collaboration with India’s Electronics, Agriculture, and Healthcare Skill Council, respectively.

These jobs will come into being eight to ten years from now. Moreover, the pace and the job’s quantity would also increase the implementation of 5G technology from 2021-22. Furthermore, the study has also highlighted the critical applications like an electronic market place, mapping, stations for sensing climate, and to trace livestock.

In the long run, these applications will aid in the curation of smart farms and the smart farms will give rise to maximum predictability in terms of the agricultural output. The new job opportunities in the south-Asian country would help to improve the lives and the incomes of the farmers of the country.

The agriculture is going to be heavily impacted by the Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things or their unification. In the agriculture sector, the skills council would be in charge of facilitating the partners for training under the necessary certification. Previously, the traditional knowledge of how to conduct proper and profitable agriculture has vanished.

The new generation that is originating from these families is trying to move on from the said sector. They feel that there is low or no self-esteem in the job. IoT and AI will allow the young agriculturist to remain in the industry for a long time.

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