IDC claims that Smart Home Market will grow twice in number

by | Apr 1, 2019 | IoT News

It is expected that sustainable growth is making its way to the Smart Home appliances which are powered by the Internet of Things. As of now, it is projected that the compound yearly growth rate will be around 16.9 percent from 2018-2023. It is reported that nearly 1.6 billion devices are going to be shipped by the year 2023. The consumers, on the other hand, are adopting multiple smart devices right in their homes. And on top of that, there is an increase in the global availability of services and products.

The IDC Mobile Device Trackers said that the year 2018 was about making the consumers to adopt the IoT products from Google and Amazon. Both the company have remarkably excelled with their pocket-friendly smart speakers as well as multiple bundles that come with the devices. Nevertheless, the year 2019 is all about tying up various products together in the form of a covalent bond. And this will eventually lead to the layering of the additional services.

Nevertheless, the market for smart home appliances is going to be dominated by two essential companies, Google and Amazon. And it is predicted that Apple is also heading towards the IoT traction in the forthcoming years. If Apple steps into curating the Internet of Things devices, then things will change in the scenario of IoT’s consumer consumption drastically.

Apple’s macOS and iOS are the two extremely popular operating systems in the world. If Apple combines these Operating Systems along with significant other services and apps, then the company can pocket more customers to the ecosystem. Other than Apple, Samsung is also known to break the stereotypical barrier when the time comes. And people are looking forward to what Samsung is going to bring as IoT has become a mainstream industry as far as adaptation is concerned.

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