IBM announces measures for improving the workers’ safety through IoT

by | Feb 14, 2019 | IoT Companies

Major market player IBM has announced partnerships with other Industries to improve the safety of the workers, especially during hazards. As per the IoT news blogs the new initiatives are taking IoT along with the company’s asset management programs into actions.

The Focus

The company’s focus is on the efficient utilization of AI in leveraging significant advances into monitoring the health hazards of the workers. According to the company sources, the workers’ safety would be improved by proper synchronization of the AI and IoT.

Major initiatives were undertaken by the company

IoT automation has been improved to a great extent after the company’s policies have undergone major changes in almost every sector of the organization. The focus of the company has been effectively shifted from drive maintenance to the safety and security of the workers. With the new IoT devices coming into the foreplay the IoT sensors will receive important date from the work area. Each condition pertaining to the work environment like height, gas levels, temperature, and heat etc will be thoroughly monitored to find out any abnormalities and risks associated with it. It also helps the workers to set alerts pertaining to any danger whatsoever.

With the advent of the SDK tool companies can also have health emergency alerts that can prepare analytical reports based on the biometric data available. The partnership of IBM with other market players also provide the customers to avail the opportunity of sensor data and activity trackers so that in case of any emergencies steps can be taken without wasting any further time.

IBM has also launched a “shirt” that are fitted with sensors, that monitor the person’s physical health like body temperature and heart rate and if any abnormalities are seen, the date will be directly sent to the officials.

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