IBM And AT&T Combine For Open Source Iot, SDN, And Edge Computing

by | Jul 18, 2019 | IoT Companies

IBM and AT&T join forces to ally to blend the expertise of both enterprises. IBM will take charge of enhancing the business application of AT&T. On the other hand, AT&T will be the primary provider of SDN for IBM.

Red Hat forms a core part of the collaboration. With the use of the open-source platform of the Red Hat, AT&T will effectively manage the workloads in collaboration with the multi-cloud capabilities of IBM in 5G, IoT and edge computing. With the use of Red Hat, AT&T will be able to the business applications with microservices, containers into more portable ones.

The weakened position of IBM in the cloud market necessitated the collaboration to help IBM scale high with the assistance of AT&T. The collaboration will be effective in enhancing and modernizing the core operations business applications of AT&T. With the help of flexible and open cloud technologies of IBM, AT&T will be able to acquire business leadership.

The collaboration of IBM and AT&T brings modernized services for AT&T and gives scope for better expansions and margins. With the alliance, IBM becomes the primary cloud provider and developer for the internal business applications of AT&T. This is effective in better management of its IT infrastructure. The collaboration of the edge computing platforms benefits the business with high speed, reduced latency and increased reliability in an environment of 5G.

The collaboration of IBM and AT&T has been described as a “major step forward”. The alliance will help IBM enhance its performance and scale in the global platform. The alliance will also help AT&T to break free of the pressure of building an expensive 5G network. The alliance is indeed to provide the best outcomes for both enterprises.

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