IBM and Arrow Electronics will renovate Airport Operation with IoT

by | Apr 26, 2019 | IoT Companies

Arrow Electronics has recently announced the launch of a cutting edge solution, “Smart Airport Asset Management Solution.” By the looks of it, the promising Internet of Things solution has been co-created with the help of IBM.

The solution is based on the Arrow-designed & sourced set of gateway and IoT Sensors, IBM Watson Internet of Things Platform. Additionally, the solution is also based on the IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management Software. The solution provides the operators of the airport with better insights which optimize the maintenance of equipment for avoiding the downtime and at the same time improving the travel experience of the passenger.

More than seven billion passengers around the world fly every year, hence creating small airports is a smart move, according to Arrow VP of Internet of Things, Aiden Mitchell. The solution which has been curated with the supplier will improve the experience of the customers and demonstrate the model which Arrow and IBM will implement across the Internet of Things.

Smart Airport Asset Management Solution is specifically curated to collect the data like vibration, temperature and it also monitors the level of fluids from the sensors to that of the motors. In addition, the sensors embedded on the drinkable water cabinets are proficient at measuring temperature, closed/open doors, the flow of water along with leakage. And this will determine if the water cabinets are functional or not.

SAAMS is also proficient at resolving the regular operational challenges which have a negative impact on the travelers. On the other hand, the data which is collected from the sensors that are connected to the wireless gateways consolidates and analyzes in the IBM IoT Platform. IBM Maximo curates an efficient asset management process to use the collected data for driving the workflows, allocation of resources for providing top-notch assets.

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