In the recent news, it is being learned that worldwide leader and 2018 ASTORS Homeland Security Awards Winner HID Global has now acquired HydrantID. HydrantID (IoT Company in United States)is a very well-known company who specializes in automation and management services.  With all these things in store, you can now secure all enterprise organizations along with IT systems, networks, IoT and data as well.

If you look at the company profile, then you can see that the company usually deals with the cloud-based platform which is known as SaaS. The platform helps the organization to obtain all advanced and authenticated services that are going to be on-demand in no real-time.

Till now, the company was able to issue nearly 3 million PKI credentials. The achievement is not only this but it too helps in securing nearly 125,000 domains which is like a perfect complement for all HID’s IdenTrust businesses.

With all these things in the store. HydrantID too helps in providing all solutions to issues with its network and IoT systems. A huge range of IoT systems that the company is now testing is now expected to be in final stage. They all are said to be online by the year 2020 and will be using IP-based protocols which will require PKI based authentication.  These things will help in securing all the identities of machines which are said to be based on a network as well as with IoT data.

According to CEO of HID Global Stefan Widing, said in a statement that as they are now acquiring HydrantID, now they expect to offer their customer with a brand new and advanced options for PKI-as-a-service so that it can improve the security. With this merging of two giants, it is expected that it will further strengthen the HID’s Identity and Access Management Solutions that can help you to solve the customer’s digital security challenges.

Neelam Dimri

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