HTC Exodus is based on Nodle Internet of Things application

by | Mar 1, 2019 | IoT Companies

The people who are going to get their hands on the blockchain phone, Exodus 1 from HTC. Are going to have a lucrative option very soon and that is to earn the cryptocurrency. Earning cryptocurrency with HTC Exodus 1 is possible because of the partnership between the Exodus team of HTC as well as Nodle. Nodle provides connectivity for the applications and devices with the Internet of Things.

Nodle recently came up with an app called Get Crypto that can be exclusively used on the devices of Exodus. Later the Exodus devices are going to reward the users with a single condition. The condition is that if the user chooses to participate in the blockchain network of Nodle. The users who are going to become an active part of Nodle network are going to be rewarded with NODL crypto tokens.

NOLD is an in-house cryptocurrency for the Nodle Network which is based on the envincing strength of the Stellar blockchain. Based on the Nodle, the app gets connected to the internet and collects data from some of the Internet of Things devices such as tags of Bluetooth Low Energy, environmental sensors, bikes, cars and scooters.

For utilizing the app, the minimum requirement is a smartphone and Nodle app, Get Crypto (pre-default app on the Exodus smartphone). There will be no sign of special equipment which will be essentially necessary for participating in the Nodle network. The participants do not require any knowledge or the technical skill it is required to earn NODL crypto tokens. According to Nodle, its network has been built with an intent of creating a holistic competition and empowering individuals at the same time.

Get App, Nodle App will automatically integrate with Zion, the Exodus wallet. With the help of Nodle, the Exodus smartphone offers the users with cryptocurrency for transferring between the Internet of Things & data sensors.

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