How to track the IoT for the IT community in Australia?

by | Aug 28, 2019 | IoT Companies

GCA based in the UK has reportedly launched an Automated Internet of Things Defence Ecosystem or AIDE. Moreover, AIDE is said to be the first of its kind cybersecurity curation platform for the Internet of Things products. It would aid manufacturers, small businesses, individuals, and service providers to identify vulnerabilities.

AIDE, according to the GCA, is efficient in mitigating risks and securing the Internet of Things devices. GCA also said that AIDE would automatically collect the data of the IoT attacks via its robust honeypot farms which are found across the globe. The honeypot farms are the virtual Internet of Things devices which are located on simulated networks as well as ProxyPots.

AIDE offers the capability in terms of data collection, automated defense as well as analysis on a massive scale which no other company tried to do. By the looks of it, AIDE will aggregate the data of attacks into an analysis platform which is present in the companies, non-profit organizations, and academia. Furthermore, it studies the signature of the patterns and attacks.

The researchers are needed to share any algorithms which are curated to aid AIDE in generating the supplemental information of the products. GCA also suggests that the analysis platform would be used extensively in making the data feeds. On the other hand, these data are available across the globe and even in the cybersecurity ecosystem for providing mitigation for the IoT attacks.

ProxyPot by GCA can easily replicate a single IoT device across several physical locations and multiple Internet Protocol addresses for identifying global data risks efficiently, quickly and accurately. Collectively, ProxyPot and AIDE would allow the organizations as well as individuals for having a higher rate of visibility. The visibility is available into several types as well as scales of threats which the IoT devices face upon deployment. The deployment of the IoT devices is made in several environments, such as smart ecosystems and smart cities.

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