How to prevent the Internet Of Things (IoT) Hacks?

by | Feb 12, 2019 | IoT News

Securing your Software before even releasing it is not that complicated if the manufacturers are aware of certain things. There are innumerable examples of software hacking but they are only brought into notice after the breach happens or after the researcher exposes the vulnerability.

The Focus

It is not that the software manufacturers are not looking into the security factors, it is just that the IoT is growing so fast that the security’s Incremental Improvements are not able to cope up with the growing pace of IoT. So, these incremental gains are abruptly outpaced in the pool of innumerable market players dominating the Internet market with their unique features.

With the latest IoT news of breach, some security experts are suggesting for the government intervention for IoT security.

Is there anything that can actually steer the IoT security in the right direction?

With a lot of IoT information coming into the forefront, there are also the news of it’s being hacked doing the rounds. This problem can only be solved if the security movement gains huge momentum so much so that it cannot be ignored altogether. More specifically if the security experts are able to put the limelight more into the flaws of IoT than on the success stories of IoT and bring them into the forefront, the quantum of the flaws would gradually tend to decrease over the time. When the audience or the general public will see the problem, realize how important they are to address, they will demand a change and it will subsequently bring uproar into the IoT security movement.

Steps for IoT threat solution

  • Implementation of security into all the aspects of SDLC

  • Educating the developers

  • Implementation of Penetration testing

  • Performing threat modeling

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