How do the intelligent microgrids fit into the energy initiative of IoT?

by | Apr 25, 2019 | IoT News

Theoretically, a microgrid is a low-voltage network which is distributed across the internet. It comprises numerous energy components such as energy loads that can be easily controlled at any time and energy resources that are distributed across the network.

Around the Internet of Things, the conventional microgrid evolves into smart microgrids that have a unique capability such as remote management. The technology also includes controllable loads like that of ventilation, heating, air conditioning systems, DERs, and electric vehicles. Some of the notable examples of DERs are wind turbines, fuel cells, photovoltaics, a combination of heat and power application, and systems to store energy.

When the microgrids are integrated with controllable loads along with DERs right in the midst of the distributed network, the tech becomes capable enough to operate in a mode called grid-connected. Here, the tech simply connects to the power grid or an islanded mode where the tech is disconnected from the primary grid and utilizes numerous DERs for supplying powers to the electric loads.

The integration such as this distinguishes the microgrid in the most traditional power systems by providing a perspective for two-way power flow. In most of the systems of the grid, the power comes from the generation and goes directly to loads. On the other hand, it becomes possible to reverse the flow of power with the help of a DER, and this takes place in a local grid which possesses local power supply resource for the higher level of voltage grid.

Some significant challenges that come with this technology. Microgrids have introduced many new solutions in the control method and power management. The smart microgrid needs an advanced level of energy management system for coping up with two-way power flows, along with the activities related to maintenance and grid’s safety.

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