How can the Smart IoT shape the lives of humans in the foreseeable future?

by | Apr 23, 2019 | IoT News

In the past decade, the concept of connected devices or connectivity has transcended from smartphones and laptops to smart retail, smart homes, smart farming, wearable devices (who doesn’t love these), connected cars and most importantly the connected healthcare facilities. And this indicates that the lives that people are leading in the year 2019 are “connected life.” Truthfully, this is just the beginning.

The Internet of Things has become incredibly popular now. Nevertheless, there have been quite some technological wonders that did not see the light of the day. By the looks of it, the Internet of Things survived that phase. And now, technology is having a long-lasting effect on society that human beings build.

Previously the Internet of Thing used to mean several things. The cloud platform of the Internet of Things is specially designed for processing storing the data of the Internet of Things. Additionally, this also acts as the core of every single IoT solution and IoT device. The Internet of Things platform is built in such a way that it is capable of taking lumpsum amount of data which are often triggered by the websites, sensors, applications. On the other hand, the platform initiates actions to provide real-time analytics as well as responses.

The future with the Internet of Things is “connected.” For instance, the Smart Refrigerators are easily able to order the items which have run out. And with the help of Smart Locks powered by the Internet of Things, a person doesn’t have to carry a bunch of keys with them, a simple touch of a button on the smartphone will do the trick.

The Internet of Things is getting unified with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning which after a few years will reach the pinnacle of technological advancement.

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