The IoT age is here. The IoT connected devices are increasing rapidly, and according to the estimations, by the year 2025, there would be near about 80 billion IoT connected devices.

The growth of the IoT trend is exploding. The business enterprises all over the world are very eager for implementing IoT solutions, and very soon the combined IoT market can reach up to $520 billion.

Dell Technologies has been helping customers in implementing and scaling IoT solutions, and now the company wants its partners to carry out the same as well. Its use-case specific IoT Connected Bundles are exclusively designed for the channel partners and will help in providing customers IoT solutions which are approachable, market-validated, interoperable, and purpose-built.

Building a comprehensive IoT solution using network connections, software connections, gateways, and sensors is a bit complicated. The IoT Connected Bundles eliminate all guesswork by delivering every required component in one box for a convenient and successful IoT deployment aimed at a particular use-case.

Targeted IoT use-cases

 The first eight IoT Connected Bundle use-cases aim at:

  • Energy savings, safety, and food quality for grocery retailers.
  • Self-powered, self-contained surveillance for the security and safety of the outdoor spaces
  • Compliance-as-a-Service for refrigeration, power systems, and HVAC
  • Advanced Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)
  • Efficient remote analysis of the field facets in gas and oil operations.
  • Predictive maintenance in the midmarket manufacturing
  • Digital manufacturing intelligence dedicated to larger-scale operations.
  • Maritime analytics

The 4 IoT Connected Bundle is now available and can be availed. It was launched at the VMworld back in August 2018 with some of Dell’s partner including Modius, ELM Field sight, ActionPoint, and V5 Systems.

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