Honeywell Connected: IoT is aiding the digital worker

by | Apr 29, 2019 | IoT Technology

The General Manager of Honeywell Connected Plant, Vincent Higgins utilized a single session during the Internet of Things Tech Expo which took place in London. Vincent Higgins displayed how the Internet of Things elevates the workforce in the industry.

The short session was titled “People at the core of the Internet of Things.” By the looks of it, the session provided the audience with an immediate and personal account as to how the modern technologies have been improving the quality of lives of people around the work along with the worker’s efficiency.

There is a need for regular training to possess information which is aid at learning the ongoing as well as future advancement. Few people around the world enjoy what modern technology brings forward, most importantly when they are traveling and reading books. The modern-day, futuristic world that people are living needs “Active Learning” rather than conventional passive learning. With active learning, private information cannot be forgotten or undone. In addition, active learning the impactful capabilities of private information cannot be affected.

Higgins said that the technology that exists to make people learn in the classroom as well as in the workforce often fades away from our minds. And the bitter truth is only 20-30 percent of the knowledge that the new learning methods stay with them, and the rest disappears. When a person is present in an interactive classroom and doesn’t use the knowledge for six months, then they would have probably lost most of them.

To make learning impactful many companies around the world are advancing VR to conduct training. The simulations are providing real-time scenarios in most of an engaging way. And the workplaces should also ensure that expertise will always be retained in an organization. The RealWear in-field assistance from Honeywell provides in-field assistance to the workers. According to Higgins RealWear is one hundred percent rugged, handsfree, head-mounting computing platform which was the first to achieve Zone 1 intrinsic safe certificated around the world.

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