In a statement by Hitachi Vantara (California, IoT Company in United States) partners, they said that the plan of the company to get merge with Hitachi Consulting is going to be a good decision.  It will surely help the company to get the acceleration that they always want.

Earlier, the Japanese giant has already announced about how they are planning for the merger of the enterprise technology with the Hitachi Consultancy.  This all deal will be a part of the reorganization of the company in which it includes Hitachi Veteran Toshiaki Tokunaga, who is the CEO of the company.

Apart from these all, Brain Householder, as well as Hicham Abdessamad, who are the current CEO of Hitachi Vantara and Hitachi Consulting respectively, will remain as they are.

According to John Woodall, who is the vice president of engineering at the iNtegrated Archive System said that the company plan to use the merger tool so that they can expand is good. This move is termed by him as a smart move as it will help the company to come out in a better way for IoT and artificial intelligence.  It too requires all kind of heavy services lift which all will benefit the company in consulting expertise.

He added by saying that, it will take all many kinds of skilled technicians, resources who all can understand about the data which all are available and how you can derive the value from the data.

Two years ago when Hitachi formed as Hitachi Vantara, then all the Hitachi Data systems storage, as well as other data center infrastructures with business, forms the Hitachi Insight Group IoT business and Pentaho big data business.   This was a step in the right direction as per Woodall. This is because, after that company was seemed to be missing its services which all are needed so that it can handle the things includes AI, IoT, and big data.

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