Hitachi releases enterprise-level IoT platform

by | Feb 22, 2019 | IoT News

Hitachi, the Japanese technology giant Hitachi has introduced a brand new business division based on Internet of Things, the division is known as Hitachi Insight Group. Hitachi has announced Lumada which is an enterprise-level Internet of Things core platform. Lumada comes from Hitachi’s new IoT business division. Lumada integrates with the commercial technologies from the portfolio of Hitachi, and it also offers an adaptable and extended architecture which can be easily customized to meet the requirement of IoT solutions.

The core platform is also going to serve as the core foundation upon which the IoT solutions of Hitachi are going to be built. It will also enable the creation of ecosystems meant for IoT business.

Lumada is explicitly designed for addressing and overcoming the exciting challenges which comes with it. The IoT portfolio also includes solutions and services for city data exchange for smart city, public safety, sustainable and renewable energy, precision agriculture, intelligent transportation, building systems, water treatment, sustainable mining, among others.

The core solution, on the other hand, is also packed with the repeatable blueprint which can be tailored for support variety of industries. The Lumada platform also allows users to easily select and integrate the component which is best to fit the specific use and at the same time it is easily customizable and adds a streamlined solution for creating the process of estimating fastest time for valuation.

Lumada also boasts a diverse architecture, and it also supports a range of Internet of Things applications as well as partner technologies.

The new business division group, Hitachi Insight Group, is solely responsible for driving the unified IoT strategy of business for the company worldwide. Hitachi Insight Group is also responsible for carrying out with research and development (R&D) as well as the strategies related to GTM from Hitachi’s Internet of Things solutions & services.

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