Hitachi has more than a hundred years of experience in manufacturing and engineering. Hitachi is also experienced in the field of Information Technology along with data analytics and storage. Now Hitachi is gathering all the necessary ingredients to become the industrial powerhouse of Internet Of Things.

Hitachi is on the track of implementing its new Lumada IoT platform offerings to build domain expertise for the entire business areas, said by Bjorn Andersson, senior director of Global IoT Marketing at Hitachi.

The Lumada IoT platform is helping Hitachi to conduct its several businesses. It helps in deriving data-driven solutions and standardizes the technologies. Andersson said that Lumada IoT is much more than just a platform. The platform is much more capable than just assisting in data management, security, and connectivity.

On the path of becoming the industrial IoT powerhouse, Hitachi is experimenting with several co-creations to improve its own manufacturing experience. The efficiency of this platform is that it gives a definite solution to the increasing data volumes in the industrial space. Data analysis is the biggest aspect of Hitachi and with Lumada’s platform, data analysis is done efficiently.

For illustrating the efficiency of Lumada Manufacturing Insights, Hitachi presents three adopters of the technology. Logan Aluminium, Precision Drilling Corporation, and Ericsson are the three adopters of Lumada Manufacturing Insights. Logan Aluminium makes use of the technology to ensure quality, productivity, and safety of the facility. Precision Drilling Corporation makes use of Lumada manufacturing insights to enhance digital drilling without any accidents. Ericsson makes use of Lumada Platform to help produce 5G products quickly in the telecommunication firms.

Hitachi collaborates with these three companies on both horizontal and vertical levels which make Hitachi unique. As per the feedbacks, Hitachi Lumada has positive impacts on the company as well as customers. Hitachi is on a mission to bring the attention of people towards digital innovation in all the sectors.

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