Helium is selling Internet of Things Hotspots in the US

by | Jun 14, 2019 | IoT Companies

Helium, a startup firm, has begun selling its custom-made peer-to-peer Internet of Things hotspot across the US. The “Hotspot” by Helium is priced at $495, and it will keep track of things such as scooters, IoT-powered smart dog leashes, among others.

According to the firm, the Hotspot uses an open source protocol called “LongFi” along with the cutting edge low-bandwidth that connects to the IoT devices. The range of the IoT hotspot is 200 times more than the conventional Wi-Fi hotspot. The company has claimed that only 50 to 100 hotspots are needed to provide city-wide coverage.

So far, Helium has chosen Austin, Texas in the US for launching its first generation of IoT hotspot. According to the sources, the company intends to begin shipping of the IoT hotspot across the US in 2019’s fourth quarter.

The company said that Hotspot quantity is limited to the leading manufacturing times. On the other hand, the company also said that the areas across the US that want to incorporate the technology should avail until the technology is under production.

By the looks of it, Helium’s new Hotspot is a catalyst for “the people’s network.” The company explains that people need low-bandwidth IoT devices which don’t require maximum bandwidth capabilities in both Wi-Fi or cellular networks. In a statement, Helium said that the things that people use in everyday basis don’t need a cellular plan. Amir Haleem, the Co-Founder, and CEO of Helium, also said that the firm is trying to create the first peer-to-peer wireless network in the entire world which is operated & owned by individuals.

With Helium Hotspot, millions of possibilities are going to present themselves, which would allow the people in connecting the ride-share scooters, pet collars, sensors, water quality, and air monitor. Helium’s Hotspot has already sold around 80% of the total hotspots in the US.

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