Hazelcast introduces Hazelcast Jet for Edge, Cloud and Internet of Things

by | Apr 23, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

The acclaimed provider of in-memory computing platform Hazelcast has reportedly announced the mainstream availability of a product called the Hazelcast Jet. According to the announcement, Hazelcast Jet is a next-gen streaming engine that requires not even a single bit of dependency on the external systems. The independent fundamental virtue of the Hazelcast Jet gives rise to accelerated processing of the event for the edge, IoT as well as cloud applications.

Hazelcast Jet is proficient at collecting, process and at the same time categorise significant volume of data which has low latency. By the looks of it, Hazelcast Jet supports the ever-growing needs of intelligent practices.

SigmaStream CEO, Hari Koduru said that the company is specialised in massive frequency data which works with some of the largest companies in the world and at the same time it operates in the most controlled environments. SigmaSteam has integrated the high-performance streaming engine with its Hummingbird visualisation as well as processing platform. The unification of these technologies helps in processing the high-end data from more than a dozen channels as well as address inefficiencies, and of this, this takes place in a real-time window.

The customers of SigmaStream are going to get an excellent level of optimization as well as performance which will furthermore help them in shrinking the time which they have spent on the project. And eventually, this will help the customers in saving millions of dollars.

Hazelcast Jet has the fastest streaming attribute in the entire industry. At the same time, the technology also simplifies the process of deployment by helming the role of a single and lightweight system which can efficiently address and accommodate complex architectural requirement set. And on top on that, it has a smaller footprint which makes the technology highly scalable and lightweight.

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