Hawaii introduces an energy-smart university with the new IoT platform

by | Feb 23, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms

The Hawaiian University, University of Hawaii has implemented and installed an energy-efficient Internet of Things platform curate a blissful energy-smart university for ten of the Universities’ campuses.

The University of Hawaii is co-creating the IoT platform with the Energy Network of Things provider, Blue Pillar. Elemental Accelerator is currently funding the energy efficient platform based on Internet of Things for helping the Hawaiian University to achieve a total zero energy system in the University by the year 2035.

The department of the university which looks after the energy management is making advances in utilising the energy IoT platform for accessing the IoT pieces of equipment in real time. The platform also enables the data points collection of more than each second. The energy efficient IoT platform is going to gather the energy consumption data from the 30 buildings in the university that consumes a lot of energy. Furthermore, the IoT platform will optimise and manage the energy data along with energy efficiency which will additionally help the university for expanding the portfolio as an energy-efficient university in the world.

The University of Hawaii is also going to use the stored, collected data that will eventually reduce the total amount of human hours which is needed for meter readings, monthly inspections and last but not the least the manual data input.

Till now the system has been integrated with 75 of the multi-building electric meters, the substation which monitors utility, thirty of the building automated systems from several manufacturers, and lastly 44 of the solar inverters as well as the photovoltaic systems.

From the University of Hawaii’s director of energy management, Miles Topping said that gathering the data is the first and the foremost step that an organisation should take to manage the energy strategically. With the help of the IoT platform, the University of Hawaii can make this possible by mid-2030s.

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