Hassan focuses on the IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act

by | Mar 22, 2019 | IoT News

The two-party gound of the US Senate as well as House members such as New Hampshire’s Maggie Hassan have come forwards and introduced an act called Cybersecurity Act based on Internet of Things. Under the bill, the Internet of Things devices that are purchased by the governmental agencies of the US must meet the minimum security requirements.

The legislation of the US is also getting introduced in the state council of the US, aka Senate. The core people who made this feat come to life are Cory Gardner, Mark R. Warner, R-Colo, they also serve as the co-chairmen of the Cybersecurity Caucus of the Senate. The co-chairman combined their forces with Will Hurd, Robin Kelly, Steve Daines, and they are on the verge of announcing the companion legislation in the present day house of legislative.

When it comes to security between IoT, there isn’t any minimum national standing. It is up to the manufacturer to decide how much protection will the IoT devices be before they are released to the markets. With the help of the proposed legislation, there will be a minimum security standard that the IoT Device is going to have to be used by the federal government.

Internet of Things stands for the emerging network of the devices as well as sensors connected to the internet. By the time the world progresses to 2020, the growth rate of IoT devices is going to hit 20 billion. The Director Lieutenant Generation of the Defence Intelligence Agency General Robert Ashley said that the exploitations made on the insecure Internet of Things devices are the number one threat in the country as well as to the national security.

The IoT has made its way to the LED lights and thermostats which are connected to the internet.

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