Gujarat Venture Finance Limited invests in EroNkan

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GVFL better known as GVFL has reportedly made a hefty sum of investment in a new startup company. The popular venture capital firm, GVFL, invested in a top-notch technology startup company, EroNkan Technologies Pvt. Ltd. With the help of EroNkan GVFL aims at implementing the Internet of Things technology into numerous verticals as well as industries.

EroNkan is popular for providing the technology, tools, insights as well as consultation into the industrial processes, the performance of machines as well as by shopping the dynamics of the floor. With the help of EroNkan technologies, it will be easier to take effective and timely decisions with respect to ground level as well as senior management.

It will eventually lead any company to improve the quality of the product along with productivity as well as availability anywhere the company wants to. The solutions will also help the manufacturers in tracking the OEE in the real-time. The OEE is going to benefit the companies by improving the productivity, quality and at the same time reduce wastage.

The company EroNkan distributes services to a diversified group of industry such as pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, and lastly discrete manufacturing verticals. As of now, EroNkan is headquartered in Gujrat’s Ahmedabad and the product development centre of the company is situated at Bangalore. Ketan Parekh is the Chief Executive Officer of the company. He is an IIM Bangalore graduate and he co-founded the company with team members who have received their education from IIT Madras and Stanford.

The co-founders provide distinctive commendable skill sets in the heart of the company. Their experiences manage the company and at the same time serves different multinational technology ventures around the world.

The funds are going to aid the startup for conducting trials along with research for developing and simplifying business development and product upgrading.

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