GreenCom successfully carries out fundraising for an energy-based Internet of Technology

by | Mar 11, 2019 | IoT Technology

GreenCom, the home energy provider for the Internet of Things has reportedly concluded its fundraising round with another company Centrica Innovation. The fundraising was specifically designed to support the home energy technology of GreenCom. The Internet of Things system by GreenCom is specifically designed for helping retailers with energy.

GreenCom Networks has come up with a solution which is going to provide a backbone for distributing the energy resources. The technology is going to enable the original equipment producers of energy device as well as energy retailers with an all-new and never-to-be-seen before alternative services. The services are based explicitly on digital energy.

Both the companies wanted to aid Greenroom to achieve borderless expansion most importantly to the European countries. GreenCom Networks has also been benefited tremendously after they worked with Centrica. GreenCom now has ample of experience when it comes to a business that revolves around facing the customers. Interestingly, Centrica also owns one of the most significant energy providers in the UK.

The Internet of Things technology is going to pave the way for the energy markets that will eventually become heavily set for distributing the assets such as batteries, photovoltaics electric vehicles as well as the electrical heating devices.

The photovoltaics is based on the conversion of light energy into electrical energy with the help of a semiconductor which eventually gives out a photovoltaic effect. Generally, the photovoltaic systems are comprised of solar panels, and every single one of these panels contains the solar cells. The working principle of the cells is to generate electrical power. When it comes to photovoltaics, the efficiency of the cells is directly dependent on the location of the installation as well as the amount of sunlight that the batteries are getting.

When the Internet of Things makes its way towards energy, new opportunities seemingly boom for collecting data.

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