Google releases cloud-based Internet of Things device SDK for microcontroller devices

by | Feb 27, 2019 | IoT News

Some developers are looking forward to get access to the microcontroller devices, the same chips that power industrial motors, small refrigerators as well as energy monitors among others, and they are up for a treat. The Cloud IoT Core of Google’s Cloud Platform comes with a straightforward approach to the newly introduced Cloud IoT Device SDK.

Google says that this SDK is the collection of Open Source Embedded C libraries which has the power to enable the developers in provisioning, managing and connecting the devices with the Google Cloud Internet of Things Core service. The search giant exhibited the SDK during the same time when the Embedded World Conference was taking place in Germany’s Nuremberg. By the looks of it, the SDK currently targets the computer constrained app with energy in the cellular devices powered by a battery and the home devices powered by Wi-Fi smart.

The cloud-based SDK is effective on the hardware that comes with 25 KB flash memory and also 80 KB flash memory with TLS software solution. The Cloud IoT Device SDK also focuses on decreasing the power consumption of the non-blocking sockets.

Google also pitched that the embedded engineers can quickly put in the prototype as well as the profile into a desktop environment before they start to port themselves out to the devices with edge target. The senior product manager of Google GCP, Indranil Chakraborty said that the SDK allows the semiconductor companies to update the product lines easily and at the same time support for the latest features that comes in Cloud IoT Core. In the meantime, it also bought forward the opportunity for building systems in the field of smart agriculture, asset tracking as well as energy metering.

Some of the most prominent highlights of the SDK is that it is perfectly compatible with ARM Mbed OS, Zephyr, POSIX-compliant OS such as Linux, FreeRTOS kernel among others.

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