Globalstar Satellite Internet of Things solution safeguards Reindeer

by | May 31, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

Globalstar’s subsidiary Globalstar Europe Satellite Services has recently announced that farmers have deployed the company’s new Internet of Things solution. According to the company, the new Internet of Things solution can swiftly track & protect hundreds of Reindeer in Sweden as well as Northern Finland.

GlobalStar began trailing its ReindeerApp along with a collarless, not more than a year ago. PrismaQuality, a newly signed Globalstar reseller, has reportedly witnessed a massive expenditure among the owners of Reindeer. Most of the time, the livestock of the reindeer owners run freely in Scandinavia and northern hinterland.

The ReindeerApp is curated explicitly for keeping track of the herds. Furthermore, it helps to mitigate the losses from predators like bears and wolves. PrismaQualityFinland notifies the herders the moment a deer doesn’t move. Moreover, the more than efficient satellite connectivity & accuracy from Globalstar allows the farmer to keep proper tabs on their reindeers.

PrismaQualiy Finland’s Product development manager said the farmers then asked PrismaQuality to curate tracking collars for Reindeer. And Prisma thought that by combining the collar technology with satellite connectivity, it could bring a massive breakthrough for monitoring animals. Moreover, this is the reason why PrismaQuality curated SmartOne C to bring adequate satellite coverage, a compact size, low cost, and robust battery life.

The robust battery life of SmartOne allows the farmers to change the device around the yearly round-up, which takes place in June. During this time, the herds are subjected to health checks. On the other hand, the annual round-up also takes stalk of the newborn fawns, and here the identification helps to mark the owners of the fawn.

Reindeer farming is prevalent in the Northern part of Finland, Lapland, and some of the Northern regions of Scandinavian located near the Sami communities. The present-day reindeer farmers of the area are the longtime descendants of the first to the third generation of farmers.

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