Global System Integrators Emerge As The Gatekeepers Of IoT

by | Jul 23, 2019 | IoT News

According to the ABI research, vendors are becoming the new global system integrators as well as service providers to offer end-to-end IoT solutions.

System integrators can bridge the gap between the specific requirements of the target market and the solution providers. The vendors have ample experience in incorporating legacy systems into end-to-end solutions. The system integrators provide the partner programs deep insight and access to the existing as well as the new markets.

The research of ABI was also able to discover the alignment of the vendors with the higher-value partners in different regions to assist the customers with the IoT ecosystems. AWS was singled out for displaying the possibility of remaining at the top in changing IoT market through working with only a few regional SIs, instead of spreading the resources across the hundreds of partners.

The research was also able to outline the effect of the partner programs on the IoT landscape. The findings of the research show that the programs put more emphasis on the growing niche verticals like the wearable and hospitality. The manufacturing, healthcare and energy applications continue to be the most targeted verticals.

Among all the partner programs, the most successful partner programs are proved to be the ones that are capable of striking the perfect balance between the breadth and the depth of the partner program offerings.

The end-users, as well as the enterprises present in all the vertical markets, will be able to turn the ecosystems to allow effective navigation of the supplier landscape as well as the fragmented technology. The ecosystems will increase the dependence on the professional service providers as well as the system integrators to offer vertical-specific solutions and regional solutions to the end-users.

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