Global Cyber Alliance unveils AIDE to enhance cybersecurity

by | Aug 19, 2019 | IoT Companies

The worldwide security alliance is currently working alongside its partners for launching the Automated Internet of Things Defence Ecosystem aka AIDE. By the looks of it, AIDE is a complete state of the art cybersecurity development platform for the Internet of Things products. 

Moreover, AIDE will enable the small businesses across the world, along with manufacturers, individuals, and service providers in identifying the vulnerabilities. Other than identifying the vulnerabilities, the cutting-edge cybersecurity system will also aid in mitigating the risk. Furthermore, the main goal of AIDE is to secure the Internet of Things devices right against the emerging volume of threats for the interconnected environment.

GCA ProxyPot acts as an entirely complementary resource for the AIDE. GCA ProxyPot is a custom-made Internet of Things honeypot solution which GCA has brought into existence. The ProxyPot can replicate the Internet of Things devices right across several Internet Protocol addresses. ProxyPot is not limited to the world of digitalization; instead, it can replicate the locations in efficiently identifying worldwide attacks.

The collaboration between the two distinctive platforms, AIDE and ProxyPot will allow the organizations along with the individuals in providing a massive range of visibility into different scales and types of the IoT devices. On the other hand, IoT devices can also be deployed into several environments, such as smarter ecosystems and smart cities.

The CEO and president of GCA, Philip Reitinger, said that there is a steep growth when it comes to the devices which are connected to the Internet. The devices are also growing exponentially for the last ten years, and it has also given rise to the cybersecurity risk which organizations, companies, and individuals are currently facing.

On the other hand, the launching of cutting-edge AIDE platform will also help GCA on its mission to provide implementable, scalable solutions to different organizations of distinctive sizes as well as budgets.

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