As per latest news,  GE company of California will soon be announcing about its all-new three products.  The expected products that the company is going to announce are Asset Answers, Predix Essentials and Webspace 6.0.

With this announcement from the company, it is expected that these products will definitely help other companies in a great way. It will help you in analyzing all the industrial data as well as can optimize the plant operations as well.  All this information was given in a press conference on Tuesday in Austin.

According to Pat Byrne, CEO of GD Digital (California, United States), said that the company will continue to release all kind of innovations which will forge in the way for all industrial customers including who all working on transforming the operations. If they will continue to invest across the portfolio of all industrial software then it will be easy for all customers to unlock this power of the Industrial IoT.

All these updates that here are getting discussed is said to be coming very early and it is after a year too.  The update coming in its way after GE Digital’s Parent company who appointed former Danaher Corp. Leader Larry Culp to fix all the financial problem of the company.

This announcement comes under the leadership and GE announced all its plan to spin off GE Digital into a whole new owned standalone business.  The new CEO of the company is Byrne who is a Danaher veteran.

As per Gillespie, he said in a statement that the main aim of the company is to focus on new solutions.  He too said that company usually use GE Digital’s asset performance management application for manufacturing all execution application system in a better way.  It too helps to monitor and analyze all plant applications so that it can handle all MES data in the cloud.

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