GCA unveils a new cybersecurity development platform for IoT devices

by | Aug 21, 2019 | IoT Companies

The GCA is working alongside its part for launching the very first of its kind AIDE, a cybersecurity platform for development. By the looks of it, AIDE or Automated Internet of Things Defence Ecosystem would enable the manufacturers, small businesses, service providers, and distinctive individuals for identifying the vulnerabilities.

In the long run, AIDE would help in mitigating the risks and secure the Internet of Things devices. The present-day Internet of Things devices comes with a massive volume of threats to the modern-day interconnected atmosphere.

ProxyPot from GCA is a complementary resource for the AIDE platform. Moreover, the ProxyPot us the Internet of Things honeypot solution which is curated by GCA. In addition to this, it is also capable of replicating a single-most Internet of Things device in various Internet Protocol addresses as well as physical locations. ProxyPot can also identify global attack risks, efficiently, accurately, and quickly. 

The collaboration will allow organizations and individuals to incorporate a massive rate of visibility into scale and types of threats. The Internet of Things faces numerous environments, such as smart ecosystems and smart cities.

The CEO and President of GCA, Phillip Reitinger, said that there is massive growth in the number of connected devices for a decade. With the increase in adoption of Internet of Things devices, there is also an increase in cybersecurity risk to the organizations, companies, as well as individuals when it comes to deploying the cybersecurity devices on their existing network.

AIDE would give rise in providing scalable, implementable solutions to different organizations of distinctive budgets and sizes. The world is half-way through 2019, however, and the current estimation suggests that there is around 14.2 billion Internet of Things devices which are presently in use. By 2021, the adoption and implementation of the Internet of Things devices will reach up to 25 billion.

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