Future trends in consumer IoT market likely to be focused more on consumers

by | Mar 13, 2019 | IoT News

A white paper issued by a joint effort of the International Data Corporation and pioneer of Smart Home IoT, Viomi technology has pointed out towards the significant consumer trends in the sector of smart homes and the Internet of Things.

Smart homes and connected devices are formidable latest IoT trends in the market which have been receiving considerable acceptance in the recent times. Therefore, it is mandatory for businesses to ascertain the future in this technology and its applications by consumers. Therefore, the smart home IoT company, Viomi Technology, collaborated with the market intelligence firm, International Data Corporation (IDC) for developing a white paper indicating the significant consumer trends that can be critical drivers of the home IoT market in the coming years.

The latest IoT news updates indicate that the white paper is titled ‘Consumer IoT Outlook 2025’. The updates also state that the paper reflects on the primary trends that can be expected in the consumer IoT market from now till 2025.

The first predicted trend is the expected rise in computing capabilities of consumer IoT devices with AI being the key element to drive the future of consumer IoT. The major developments in this context are expected to be noted prominently in decision making intelligence, sensing technology and capabilities for data collection.

IoT trends predicted for 2025 in the white paper also implied the wide usage of local storage and edge computing on smart devices in order to augment personal privacy as well as computing efficiency.

The other trends predicted in the paper include transition of smart devices into the proliferation phase quickly, higher open integration of consumer IoT devices and working of different network protocols together in a hybrid network. The trends also include improved user-friendliness as well as natural interfaces in the human-device interaction in consumer IoT devices.

The research would be presented at the Appliances & Electronics World Expo in Shanghai on March 13, 2019 in China by Viomi Technology.

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