Future-Proofing of IoT

by | Mar 8, 2019 | IoT Applications & Examples

If the DevOps team of a company develops an IoT application successfully, it is likely to last for a longer time. But the question right now is if future-proofing of IoT is possible over ten years lifecycle. According to the latest IoT news, this future-proofing is feasible with the certain insight of the defense and industrial computing experience.

That might seem counterintuitive for DevOps as those industries do not usually make use of the agile processes. They are developed around reducing modification and containing a vulnerability in the mission-critical scenarios. IoT Technology is growing very rapidly, and it is hard to predict as to how the things might seem to be in a couple of years, that is much less than 10. One common aspect between the IoT applications and the defense and industrial systems is, both of them are usually complex. Your Operational Technology (OT) people praise the complexities of the existing production platforms. The IoT applications implement elements of Cloud architecture, wireless connectivity, real-time performance, algorithmic sophistication, and end-to-end security.

At-scale the IoT applications would need mastery of the complexities and the lessons learned may be helpful. The goal is not actually to prevent change but to develop the things while they are functioning. The key DevOps notion of continual release of applications and testing requirements will get extended beyond just application code. The teams would have to be detail-focused, looking at data integrity, interoperability, device configurations, and how the analytic insights get evolved as the data accumulates.

Future-proofing of IoT is quite possible if we embrace both longevity as well as the complexity of IoT application.

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