Frost and Sullivan witnesses a massive growth in IoT-enabled SCM

by | Aug 12, 2019 | IoT Technology

The ongoing trend concerning the SCM is giving rise to a point of convergence. There are incongruous set of providers which is giving rise to a brand new ecosystem that would provide maximum benefits to the users.

Frost & Sullivan suggest that these benefits are giving rise to adoption alongside implementation of the cutting-edge Internet of Things systems in terms of the conventional supply chain management. The Internet of Things also provides end-to-end visibility, insights in real-time, transparency, and predictive analysis.

Frost & Sullivan’s senior analyst, Deepali Sathe said that, the present day supply chains can be easily re-innovated as an entirely Internet of Things enabled systems that would allow, remote tracking, end-user visibility as well as control. The subtle increase in automation also improves the accuracy in terms of executive and predictions. 

By the looks of it, the entirety of these trends can easily be identified in the latest research that Frost & Sullivan has so far conducted. Mostly, the massive impact of technology adoption of SCM in terms of the introduction of brand-new models for business. As the data segment diminished, customers can quickly put their focus on the benefits can come will IoT. 

In addition to this IoT also enhances the capability in remote controlling of the devices as well as process of automation. Adrian Drozd, Frost & Sullivan’s research directors also said that the predictive analysis which comes into being with artificial intelligence, Big Data Analysis, and Machine Learning will significantly reduce the errors. The addition of these technologies would also help the firms in forecasting, planning and executing a proper guesswork.

According to Adrian Drozd, cutting-edge technologies like blockchain can easily give rise to faster, better processes and it can also prevent fraudulent activities. Moreover, robotics would enhance the conventional method of automation as well as the precision for a massive accuracy. The demand among the consumers would also increase over time.

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