Forensics are utilizing the Internet of Things applications

by | Apr 13, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms

When people hear the word forensics, there are a few pop culture dramas that run wild through their minds such as Showtime’s Dexter, BBC’s Sherlock, and CSI. Even Barry Allen, the fastest man alive aka The Flash works in the forensics department of the fictional Central City Police Department. People often picture that these forensic scientists wear lab coats and dust the household objects to find the fingerprints.

Nevertheless, Forensic science is based on both civil and criminal law. The evidence produced by forensic science is both unbiased and tangible to determine the legal outcome of the legal proceedings. And in time the evolution of the internet came into being. It is true that the Internet has made the lives of people around the world simple.

But the other side of the internet, the dark side witnessed the evolution in digital crime and criminal behaviour something that people have already seen in the 1995 movie Hackers and 2015 movie Blackhat. Sam Esmail’s Mr Robot also showed how hacking has evolved and there was a cryptocurrency element in the TV Series as well. It is easier to steal money, assets and someone’s identity, and this is where the digital forensics come into being. Digital Forensics scientists have expertise in digital forensics. They dust off the digital fingerprints to get hold of the Blackhat hackers. There are two kinds of hackers: Blackhat and Whitehat.

IoT is a groundbreaking industry and tech around but the technology brought forward a whole new level of cyber-threat. Devices such as smart home, smart speakers, even refrigerators are part of the IoT applications. And it is easier to gain access to these IoT devices as the manufacturers do not produce the IoT devices with better security. The IoT forensics use the same workflow as the physical world forensics to track, interpret, analyze, identify relevant data to the notorious digitized entity breaching the security of the IoT devices.

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