Ford, Vodafone and others join Swarm for IoT Satellite Service

by | Apr 5, 2019 | IoT Companies

When FCC, the Federal Communications Commission hands over a fine of $900,000 to a company for launching an illegal satellite, four to be precise. A feat such as this it is often predicted that the company will be unable to combine its forces as the charges will scare away the potential partners, well this isn’t the case with Swarm.

Given that Swarm Technologies is not located in Silicon Valley. But the company still wrestles with the regulators and got the badge of honor which kind of puts a dent on the company,

Nevertheless, the automobile giant Ford, Stanford University and the acclaimed wireless MNC Vodafone along with a dozen other companies have come together for singing a single chorus to praise Swarm Technologies. Given that the filing of FCC made a dent on Swarm Technologies, the future of the company is not certain. In the US, the rival satellite makers are pulling themselves back as they have not come out with any technological advancement in the past few years. And now the FCC did not approve the innovative miniature version of spacecraft.

The goal of the company is to launch around 150 of tiny CubeSats into the lower orbit of Earth also known as LEO. These CubeSats are going to provide a cheap but worldwide coverage of the Internet of Things communications service. The startup company Swarm Technologies crossed the first hurdle when it launched Space Bee satellites back in the year 2018 in January. While launching Space Bee the company failed to get permission from the Federal Communications Commission.

Ever since 2018 January, the company has launched three experimental satellites and has also filed an application with Federal Communications Commissions for launching a massive commercial constellation. The experimental satellites are much bigger than Space Bees. Swarm Technologies is getting support from significant companies, and this is a good thing for the startup.

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