Fog computing the ever-growing paradigm for IoT

by | Jul 9, 2019 | IoT News

By the looks of it, Fog Computing is the fast-growing network architecture to conduct data transfer to the distributed devices of the IoT ecosystem. Cloud computing works all through the infrastructure, which has been set up across the internet. By the looks of it, the fog computation takes place closer to the networks of the end users.

Moreover, when cloud computing declines, it turns into fog computing. In layman terms, fog computation is cloud computation, which is brought close towards the edge. On the other hand, the essential characteristics concerning the fog computation are all the more reason why there is the robust quality of the service. And it originates from lower latency, mobility, and awareness.

By the looks of it, the fog nodes forming the components of the core network incorporates massive amounts of storage and processing capability. In the long run, the elements of the core network would run the Internet of Things applications directly on edge in more of a distributed manner.

In the last ten years, the cloud computation has been taking a crucial role to enable services, applications by delivering on-demand storage, calculation along with network resources. Nevertheless, the world is entering the fourth stage of the industrial revolution. And this is changing the era where the Internet of People to the groundbreaking Internet of Things. Here the for computing turns incredibly relevant.

When service demands come into being, cloud computation has its limitations. Moreover, this is affected by the real-time application, which needs steadfast actions and responses. The area of revolving autonomous cars, wireless connectivity, an increasingly faster rate of processing, low mobility, and latency would not need cloud computation and movement.

The industrial automation and the e-surveillance give rise to extensive usage of the wireless sensors. These applications need low bandwidth, power, nodes aware of the location, and excellent processing power.

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