Filament’s new development kit for blockchain for IoT developers

by | Apr 4, 2019 | IoT Devices & Sensors

Filament, the ultimate provider of blockchain’s enterprise solution for the users of the Internet of Things, has said that the company has launched a blockchain development kit called the “Blocklet Foundation Kit.” The kit is specifically designed for the hardware and the embedded developers are keenly focused on the growth of the Internet of Things.

According to Filament, the kit for blockchain development provides the crucial hands-on experience to the users for generating the on-device blockchain transactions in the Internet of Things. Filament claims that Blocklet Foundation Kit is going to demonstrate the smart contract functionality which is found on Ethereum.

The EVP of Filament, Frank Friesacher said that Filament is the only company in the entire world that provides embedded state-of-the-art technology to carry out blockchain transactions. The company ensures that are going to offer different originations with the data needed for blockchain transaction. The embedded developers are provided with hands-on experience for evaluating and demonstrating the way the Internet of Things devices; sensors can securely transact and integrate deep into the blockchain which isn’t found in the most of the blockchain network or in the IoT deployments.

The IoT and blockchain are becoming an increasing interest around the world. And Proof of Concept is the main element of the pilot projects from Filament as they are proficient in creating a strong foundation when it comes to producing the Kit.

The Blocklet Foundation Kit comes with preconfigured resources, software, and hardware which are enabled within Blocklet. These components are specifically designed to be used both at both online and offline device. They demonstrate the validation for driving the smart contracts as well as machine-to-machine learning transactions between the devices which present on the distributed ledger of the Filament Blocklet tech.

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