Filament joins the research IoT project backed by Nevada University

by | Apr 24, 2019 | IoT Software Platforms

Filament, the blockchain startup has recently announced that the firm is currently working alongside the Reno, the University of Nevada to bring an autonomous vehicle research initiative to life.

By the looks of it, the work is going to look after the development and curation of the new standards for the connected devices which are based on blockchain. The connected devices which are also known as the Internet of Things can bring forward to an era of self-driving cars. The concept will require using the blockchain technology that will eventually become the significant backbone which connects the vehicles to more of a wider network. On the other hand, most of the significant automobile manufacturers such as BMW and GM are currently investing their resources on the same technology.

The CEO of Filament revealed in a statement that, they are extremely excited with their collaboration with the Intelligent Mobility initiative of the University. The CEO said that the initiative is based on advanced cutting-edge communication between vehicles and the infrastructures.

By the looks of it, this is an incredibly important project for most of the important cities around the world who are getting ready to bring autonomous vehicles into the real world. The project is going to demonstrate the security of the distributed ledger tech that is combined with the driverless and connected cars as well as their surrounding which can eventually turn into a trusted reality.

Intelligent Mobility from the University of Nevada is also focused on numerous other areas such as synchronized transportation and autonomous cars. Additionally, Intelligent Mobility aims at bridging the gap that is widely seen in the self-driving automobile innovations. Most of the private as well as the public sector around Nevada have been showing full support to the initiative.

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