FIDO Alliance would bring the password-less solution to IoT

by | Jul 1, 2019 | IoT Companies

The mission of the FIDO Alliance is at reducing the reliability on the passwords. By the looks of it, this is not much of a surprise that the company is trying to remove the usage of password from all of the IoT devices. FIDO hopes to strengthen the security of the Internet of Things and to make this happen; it has organized a couple of groups. 

The groups will be responsible for establishing the industry standards for the Internet of Things devices even before they become mainstream. The smart products that come with the pre-default password usually have bad security, and this makes them vulnerable to the devastating cyberattacks. People do not like that their fridge or their toaster gets hacked now and then.

FIDO’s first group is regarded as Identity Verification & Binding Working Group; this group fits the criteria for ID verification from a remote location. The first group would also develop a certification program which is aimed at the manufacturers. 

Previously, FIDO was responsible for determining the biometric details along with government-issued IDs while taking care of the new accounts or while recovering the old ones. FIDO was quickly able to improve the quality of identity assurance. Moreover, it is also considered that the criteria involving ID verification would help the manufacturers.

The second group that FIDO has assembled is regarded as the Internet of Things Technical Working Group. Furthermore, the group has been excruciatingly tasked at curating more of a comprehensive standard for authentication for the Internet of Things devices. 

The second group brings expertise from Arm, Intel, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. By the looks of it, FIDO has been busy recruiting much more members directly from the industry. There are around 1 trillion devices which are going to be implemented by the year 2013. The standards would aid in ensuring the safety of the people as well as privacy in the future.

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