Facebook has already gone ahead working with the AR headset. The augment-reality headset will work well under the IoT network. So, it can be said that the AR headset is one big leap in the field of IoT devices. As many of the earlier projects literally faced stiff struggle and failed, the news of Facebook making the wearable has gained much prominence as an IoT update.

The Focus

The company focuses on making the Augmented Reality headset a successful venture. The company is now making the hardware projects according to the update given by Fiscus Kirkpatrick, the head of the AR project of Facebook.

However, the company is just standing at the initial phase of changing the dream into a reality.

Initiatives were taken by the company

Facebook is doing advanced research in all aspects to shape the AR headset. Presently, the company is away from announcement related to the product but numerous talented brains are doing vigorous research to take the headsets one step closer to the future. This is the reason; the company has lately turned into the center of attraction in the aspect of the internet of things news.

Facebook is on an aim to make the AR headset but the present condition of the company is making it tough to advance in the field of AR glasses. Presently, there are many internal traumas which the company is going through.

Founders of many other smart applications have left Facebook in the previous years. Still, the company is aiming to design an IoT device like an AR glass is due to its dependency. There are no hardware devices that have been manufactured by Facebook so far. Therefore, the success of the mentioned device can lead the company to make the first hardware device.

In this way, Facebook can provide a reason for its rivals for making the AR headset likewise.