Exynos iT100 features short-range connectivity for the IoT devices

by | May 10, 2019 | IoT Companies

Samsung is widely regarded to be the world leader in curating cutting edge semiconductor technology. Recently, Samsung announced that it had designed a new solution for the Internet of Things tech that enhances the reliability and security of the IoT devices. Samsung’s Exynos iT100 has explicitly been designed for communications based on short-range.

Previously, Samsung had already announced the Exynos iT200 for the IoT devices that depends on Wi-Fi for connectivity along with Exynos iS111 for NB-IoT powered devices. With the launch of Exynos iT100, Samsung is going to oversee a wide array for connectivity which is needed for the Internet of Things devices of the present day.

The Exynos iT100 has been curated with the energy efficient 29-nanometer technology. Samsung has optimized the SoC to be specifically used with the leading short-range Internet of Things devices which automates and controls the business and home environments. The SoC can be utilized in a wide array of applications such as smart lighting, control temperature, detect gas and fire, home security and fitness bands.

Samsung Electronics’ System LSI marketing senior VP, Ben Hur said that Low-power short-range Internet of Things solutions could connect with numerous home appliances or the electronic devices used in firms. The IoT solutions in homes and organizations will make the life of the people safe and comfortable.

Ben Hur also said that the Exynos iT100 is specifically engineered with various communication protocols alongside robust security capability. Eventually, the technology will further make the IoT services extensive in the areas where people cannot sustain without technology. These areas around the world will have a tremendous advantage due to the Internet of Things.

According to the South Korean tech giant, the SoC supports the widely popular short-range protocols such as Zigbee 3.0 and BLE 5.0. In addition, it also integrates the processor with a single-chip memory to store data.

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