Extreme AI security app addresses the networking-IoT security

by | May 16, 2019 | IoT News

Extreme Networks unveils a new application that will utilize the machine learning capability as well as artificial intelligence. The company aims at aiding the customer with effectively detect, monitor, and remediate the security issues that come with the networked IoT devices.

According to Extreme Networks, the Extreme AI security application sports the cutting-edge machine learning tech that can easily understand the behaviour of the IoT devices. It automatically alerts the endpoints act in the most unexpected methods.

The company also said that the Extreme AI Security application would tie the leading threat of reasonable fees. By the looks of it, the threat is closely integrated with the pre-existing Extreme Workflow Composer that enables automated threat remediation and mitigation.

Extreme AI also integrates with the ExtremeAnalytics app of the company. The integration will allow the customers to view the threats by merely judging the category, severity, geography, and high-risk endpoints. There is also an automatic marking feature that combines with numerous IT tools like Jira, Slack, ServiceNow. Extreme AI is also able to send information with various popular tools such as the pre-existing network taps.

For quite some time now, the world is born a significant explosion of a new range of endpoints such as million-dollar MRI machines as well as five-dollar sensors. Furthermore, this creates a complicated and challenging job for security and network administrators. The product marketing vice president Abby Strong also said that they need a secure, smarter, more of a self-healing network. And this will help IT cybersecurity as its resources are stretched to a single point.

The company is attempting to understand the issue, which is significantly essential for the customers of enterprise-networking. Extreme is combining security, automation, and analytics, which can take a peek at the patterns of network traffic. Furthermore, this will also allow the system to take action when it is needed.

Extreme revealed that Extreme AI is going to be available to for mass production this year in October.

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