Eurofins Digital Testing is a global leader in providing test services and end-to-end Quality Assurance services to manufacturers and service providers worldwide. On the other hand, Niko is a leader in designing electronic products to convert normal residences into smart homes. Niko has selected Eurofins Digital Testing to deliver services of device interoperability and automated quality assurance for the smart homes.

Niko Home Control allows management and control of the central systems of the home through the touchscreen of smartphones or tablets. With the Niko Home Control, the consumers can enjoy the comfort of smart homes. The system makes it possible to manage the safety and comfort of the home much easier. The test wizard system of Eurofins will be implemented as a tool for the end-to-end test solution for the IoT home automation of Niko Home Control.

The scalability and versatility feature of the test wizard of Eurofins is what attracted Niko to ensure the effective inoperability testing of the smart home products. The test wizard uses a set of comprehensive tools to perform the automated testing of IoT applications and devices. The use of Eurofins’ test wizard system for Niko’s smart home products will allow the highly efficient testing of multiple applications with the use of parallel testing resources.

The test wizard helps in the optimal reduction of repetitive testing and enhances the test consistency as well as the coverage. The automated tests by Eurofins will enable Niko to continuously monitor and enhance the quality of smart home products without any flaws.

The test wizard system of Eurofins offers interoperability testing for a wide range of IoT and home automation products. From the intelligent lightning to smart thermostats to the wireless security systems, the test wizard offers interoperability testing for all. It also offers automated testing for web applications, set-up boxes, web services, and even mobile devices.

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