Mirai botnet is a malware which was developed by two friends who successfully eradicated a portion of the Internet in the US. The entire internet services of African Country went offline due to this malware which leads to massive problems. It is the case of late 2016, after which the cybersecurity firms of IoT buckled up to take more preventive measures.

The recent global report on IoT technology highlights the modified and upgraded IoT landscape along with the consequences of Mirai Botnet case. Mirai is till date one of the biggest cybersecurity attacks.


After a thorough survey and research, the director of F5 labs came to a particular conclusion. He said that few children and teenagers gather their scripting knowledge form the internet and launch an IoT security breach attack. The report states that if children are feeling powerful to compromise a big tech like IoT then the security is definitely at risk.

The culprits of the Mirai attack, Josiah White and Paras Jha were around 18 to 20 years old when they launched the attack. Mirai botnet resulted in infecting over thousands of connected devices after which another incident took place soon.

Daniel Kaye, a 30-year-old hacker attacks with a source code similar to Mirai, towards the Liberian target. The country experienced massive internet services offline situations all over. Daniel Kaye again used the same botnet to attack German Telco Deutsche Telekom which resulted in affecting over a million customers. The attack affected over 900000 routers to strike out several customers from the connection.

It shows that the Mirai Incident is acting as the fuel to development of other such codes increasing the rate of botnet attacks. The IoT security experts are bringing in major remedies to avoid major threats such as double-dipping to prevent the elite hackers as well as the kids to intervene in the system.

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