Eseye and AnyNet Federation partners with Africa Mobile Network Operator to deliver global IoT Cloud Solution

by | Feb 28, 2019 | IoT News

The global Internet of Things provider has come forward with a partnership with the leader in Mobile Network Operator in Africa. MTN is collaborating with an associated MNO, AnyNet Federation and Eseye with a goal to meet the needs of a nexus demanding management along with an enhanced elastic necessity of rapidly increasing the customer base of global M2M.

In the collaboration, AnyNet federation is going to focus on a single thing. AnyNet aims to deliver global cellular services by combining with Amazon Web Services. By the looks of it, AnyNet will turn the difficult global scenario for IoT extremely easy for the AWS customers. The company will deliver M2M cellular solution which can be implemented seamlessly all through the significant markets in the world.

The CEO & Chairman of Eseye, Nick Earle said that the collaboration is a ground-breaking feat. AnyNet Secure is regarded as rich in the feature as it offers an integrated connectivity solution for AWS. The AnyNet Federation has a crucial way to delivery simplified connectivity all around the world. At the same time, AnyNet Federation will also allow the customers to manage and buy their connectivity from Amazon Web Services.

AnyNet Federation is going to utilize the next-gen eUICC compliant in the next generation AWS SIM card. This will provide the member customers with a never-seen-before experience in the field of connectivity, integrating with AWS IoT Core. By the looks of it, the cellular traffic has been destined for the Amazon Web Services.

Generally, AnyNet Federation has partnered itself with the organization based on the location of the IoT devices. The federation regardless of everything partners in delivering data where the customer gets his/her bill in their accounts via AWS. And this is where the MNO comes in, and the federation pays for the MNO for every single service that it delivers.

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