Ericsson and Telstra will launch an Enterprise IoT Capability

by | Feb 25, 2019 | IoT News

Telstra, the service provider from Australia and Ericsson, are combining their forces for delivering connectivity of “Internet of Things” global enterprises. The two companies are going to integrate the connectivity services based on the Connective Management of Ericsson. The facilities are based on the IoT Accelerator solution of Ericsson. Previously the IoT Accelerator solution was regarded as Device Connection Platform.

Ericsson and Telstra announced the news of their partnership this month in Barcelona one day before the Mobile World Congress 2019. The companies are going to combine the IoT capabilities of cellular services of Telstra and the connectivity services of Ericsson for enabling the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OMEs) along with enterprises for managing, scaling and deploying the devices connected via IoT as well as the application in a global market.

The announcement on the eve of Mobile World Congress 2019 is based upon the foundation of NB-IoT which was deployed last year in September 2018. The alleged collaboration enhanced the NB-IoT of Telstra, and at the same time, it extended to over 3.5 million sq. kilometers. The collaboration of September 2018 also made sure that the data connection will reach 100 Km which is 60 Kms more standard 3GPP limits.

By the looks of it, the support is also bringing forward the capabilities of eSI all through the connectivity management. The IoT Accelerator solution, as well as some other technologies, are going to allow the OEMs and worldwide enterprise customers to make ready of their products along with the services on the network of Telstra. This will furthermore allow the users to take advantage of the convenience that comes from the network capabilities of Telstra.

The companies are going to enable the enterprises to come up with a launch of the IoT services that will furthermore help the industries in capitalizing the enormous potential which is associated with the Internet of Things.

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