Ericsson accomplishes the foundation of first cellular Smart Factory based on IoT

by | Mar 16, 2019 | IoT News

Ericsson has taken a notable stride in development of the first cellular Smart factory based on IoT. It has accomplished factory automation in order to accomplish improvement of efficiency and favorable results by leveraging the use of latest cellular IoT technology.

The different sources of official IoT information on behalf of Ericsson have clearly indicated towards the collaboration of Industry 4.0 and cellular IoT. This has been accomplished at the Ericsson Panda factory at Nanjing with the consistent drive towards identification of ways for optimization of manufacturing processes. The factory has produced its 1000th cellular IoT device and the company’s celebration of this event clearly implies towards the possibilities for favorable results in the future.

Internet of Things news sources have also indicated that the company has been able to accomplish at 50% ROI in the first year of operations. Furthermore, the projections for break-even point out that it would be achieved within a period of two years. Ericsson Panda has been able to accomplish prominent savings in context of OPEX and CAPEX through capitalizing on automation and streamlining of production and maintenance alongside using immersive data analysis.

Ericsson has been able to accomplish considerable savings by improvement of efficiency and reliability alongside reduction of zero downtime and human errors. Furthermore, the facility of increase in the service life of different tools and equipment accounts for prolific advantages in realizing savings for the company.

The company has capitalized on latest IoT trends by leveraging the use of LTE-M/Cat-M1 and narrowband-IoT (NB-IoT) for optimization of tool maintenance, monitoring goods and equipment as well as improving the up-time in the case of critical assets. Ericsson has also been able to accomplish connection of almost over 500 high-precision screwdrivers in the factory as well as Geo-tracking of steel pallets, integration of liberation sensors with fire extinguishers and wireless communication between workstations with the use of Andon system.

In addition to these developments, Ericsson has also been able to accomplish frameworks for analysis of data obtained from various tools and equipment with higher levels of security in a cloud environment. Furthermore, the benefits from optimization of maintenance, utilization as well as location of the critical equipment have also allowed a substantial depreciation in material costs for maintenance as well as the costs for maintenance work costs.

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