Entropia releases Aladdin for Business-to-Consumer IoT Services

by | Mar 25, 2019 | IoT Companies

The cutting edge marketing consultancy firm Entropia has come up with the latest offering. Entropia joins its forces with a firm called Rudra Labs for bringing the opportunities related to the Internet of Things to distinctive consumer businesses. And this is going to drive the businesses and aid them in driving a higher rate of growth.

Rudra Labs came into being in the year 2016. And currently, the firm is operating from the locations such as Hyderabad and Singapore. By the looks of it, Rudra Labs is proficient in producing and designing distinctive devices platforms based on Internet of Things technology. Additionally, Rudra Labs also hold a deep and vast understanding as well as expertise in hardware, Internet of Things native and cloud, as well as in Internet of Things security.

As far as Entropia is concerned, the consultancy firm is based in Manila and Kuala Lumpur. In the partnership, Entropia is going to bring forward evolution in CVP also known as Customer Value Proposition along with data, customer experience design and UX/UI.

According to the source, Rajeev Bala is going to lead Aladdin. By the looks of it, Rajeev Bala also serves as the CEO of Rudra Labs. Mr. Bala is backed up by a team comprised of 22 members who are spread right across Kuala Lumpur, Hyderabad, Singapore as well as Manila. Rudra Labs is going to deliver an end-to-end value mapping which is extended to concept development and progress to prototyping as well as final product. Rudra Labs is also going to close up the whole loop of customer data-to-sales the moment Aladdin will start working.

Aladdin’s Chief Inventor, Rajeev Bala said that now is the time that the brands move on from the small campaigns and extend by offering Internet of Things utility that will create a whole new level of valuation for the customers. Additionally, it will also provide significant margins for businesses.

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