Enlighted One: True Wireless Control of the Future IoT

by | May 16, 2019 | IoT Companies

The leader in delivering cutting-edge Internet of Things solutions for healthcare facilities and commercial buildings embarks a new cutting-edge innovation with the lighting industry. The new wireless lighting control solutions would deliver quick and effective deployment of devices, which is cost-saving.

The innovation is based on the critically acclaimed smart sensor technology, which has been deployed in building over 210 million square feet. Enlighted One comes with easy installation, fast program that makes the tech simple at unlocking a whole ecosystem of the Internet of Things applications at the appropriate time.

The wireless technology by Enlighted has been proven to reduce the material and labor costs. Besides, it also streamlines lightning deployments. The Enlighted One also speeds up installation along with commissioning time alongside a simple solution. Enlighted One eliminates major Information Technology components like a gateway, mobile apps, network cables, and cloud connections. The tech ensures the work will be carried out steadfastly, without depending on IT specialists.

By the looks of it, it is perfect for the retrofit applications as well as new construction. The IoT tech is integrated into the fixtures of lightning, or they are installed in the field. The programming for Enlighted One takes merely a second with the wireless wall switch & off-the-shelf laser pointer. The system comes with a ready-to-use building code which is compliant with several features such as task tuning, daylight harvesting & vacancy detection. The solution also brings the energy savings at around 65% because of the combination of retrofit LED light.

According to the company, Enlighted One sports the hardware which is similar to Generation 5 as the Enlighted IoT Platform. The added benefits of Enlighted One is, when the occupants of the building would want to upgrade the Internet of Things, they won’t have to modify the lighting fixtures. The reason is that the sensors are already present in the building.

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