Engineers curate a stethoscope and made it smart with IoT

by | Feb 23, 2019 | IoT Companies

The IoT aka Internet of Things has opened new possible ways in the field of smart technology. Some of the recent curation with IoT are device connectivity, higher-resolution imaging, 3D printing, the component of miniature motion.

Rene Laennec designed the stethoscope in the year 1816. When Leannec was examining his patient, he came up with an idea of roll the sheets of the paper right into a tube for amplifying the sound of his patient’s chest. The prototype allowed Laennec to devise a stethoscope. Nevertheless, the stethoscope has not undergone any improvements to changes.

This is when John Hopkins engineers come in. The engineers also decided and said that the invention was worthy enough to get a reinvention. James E. Weast and Mounya Elhilali are two of the engineers who came up with a technique which utilizes the digitized sensing technology and utilizing it to capture the sound. The method also helps the active acoustics for noise cancellation, and the scientists have implements IoT as well as Artificial Intelligence (AI) that is going to improve the health workers to make more of an accurate diagnosis.

Several children have died from diseases such as lung ailments as well as pneumonia, and these diseases are the primary cause as to why children get infected with the virus with years. The addition of IoT on the stethoscopes will also be beneficial to the underdeveloped areas around the world that do not have access to the modern-day types of equipment for diagnosis.

The newly created device sports an external microphone near the chest piece that will help the doctors to collect the ambient sounds. This will furthermore also help in reducing the noise by analyzing the adaptive signal. The engineers have placed an operating system in the microprocessor that allows a user to adapt tools for different applications.

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